Thomas Joos services

I believe creative energy is one of our most precious resources.

I have been involved in business development & innovation for 10 years now, supporting over 100 companies in developing new products & services. My hands-on experience, from freelance app developer to running my own product design studio, has given me a unique insight in how teams work together.

Why do only some succeed in providing the right solutions and why do so many fail? What makes certain teams ship new products twice as fast? Why do industry experts always seem to work at the same companies? I learned the hard way that the answers lie in a few extremely important and often hidden drivers of creativity such as Shared Purpose & Continuous Learning.

In-House Coaching

My coaching services are designed to help leaders embrace these drivers and reduce the burn rate and waste of time, money and passion. They are focussed on 2 important areas of creativity management: people & experimentation.

People Management

In all essence, companies are just groups of people trying to create, deliver and exchange value between the organisation and its customers. There may be nothing more important for a company than identifying talented people, getting them to join and inspiring them to do things they never thought they could. This is why I help leaders express their vision and develop a shared purpose in which people can work & grow together. It enables them to create a following of people who act for the good of the whole not because they have to, but because they want to.

Innovation Management

In a world where customer behaviour is changing at an incredible pace, companies need to challenge their assumptions on what is valuable and what is not. We need to figure out what works and what doesn’t as soon as possible. It is simply mind-blowing how much energy is spent on building things that nobody is using really. If we need to figure out how to stay ahead under fast-moving economic & social conditions, continuous learning should be a vital priority before it’s too late. This is why I help leaders create conditions that enable teams to experiment fast and envision what their new or existing offering could look like in the future.